100 Most Commonly Used Chat Acronyms and Abbreviations

Peoples are using short message service much more than previous. Sometimes they use code like language which is familiar to youth generation. These abbreviations are used by people to communicate with each other easily. If you use internet or sms frequently you may need these. So i have collected these most commonly used acronyms and abbreviations. These acronyms and abbreviations are normally used in e-mail, messenger programs, SMS, MMS, chat rooms  and other ways of communication.
Some of the acronyms are also used on t-shirts, on signs or in regular writing as a print. It’s sometimes even used in official documents, financial documents and other docs though it is some bit of funny.

Top 100 Most Commonly Used Acronyms and abbreviations

I an giving here the most commonly used chat acronyms and abbreviations list. For the full list you have to go Pastebin but i dont think it is necessary because you can not remember everything !

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List Of Most Commonly Used Chat Acronyms and Abbreviations

  1. 10Q—–thank you
  2. 1174—–Nude club
  3. 143—–I love you
  4. 1432—–I Love You Too
  5. 14AA41—–One for All and All for One
  6. 182—–I hate you
  7. 303—–Mom
  8. 404—–I haven’t a clue
  9. 411—–Information
  10. 420—–Marijuana
  11. 459—–I love you
  12. 4Q—–F*** You
  13. 511—–Too much information
  14. 53X—–Sex
  15. 8—–Oral sex
  16. 831—–I Love You
  17. 9—–Parent is watching
  18. 99——Parent is no longer watchin
  19. A/S/L/P——Age/Sex/Location/Picture
  20. A3—–Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
  21. ACD—–Alt Control Delete
  22. ADR—–Address
  23. ADVD—–Advised
  24. AEAP—–As Early As Possible
  25. ASAP—–As Soon As Possible
  26. AFJ—–April Fools Joke
  27. Aight—–All right
  28. AITR—–Adult In The Room
  29. ALAP—–As Late As Possible
  30. ALOL—–Actually Laughing Out Loud
  31. ALTG—–Act Locally, Think Globally
  32. ASL—–Age/Sex/Location
  33. B&F—–Back and Forth
  34. B/C—–Because
  35. B4—–Before
  36. B4N—–Bye For Now
  37. B4U—–Before You
  38. BI5—–Back In Five
  39. BJ—–Blow Job
  40. BON—–Believe it Or Not
  41. BRB—–Be Right Back
  42. BRT—–Be Right There
  43. BS—–Big Smile -or- Bull Sh** -or- Brain Strain
  44. BZ—–Busy
  45. CD9—–Code 9 – it means parents are around
  46. CT—–Can’t Talk
  47. CTA—–Call To Action
  48. CTO—–Check This Out
  49. CUL8R——See You Later
  50. CY—–Calm Yourself
  51. CYE—–Check your Email
  52. CYL—–See You Later
  53. CYM—–Check Your Mail
  54. CYO—–See You Online
  55. CYT——See You Tomorrow
  56. D&M—–Deep & Meaningful
  57. d/c——Disconnected
  58. FTF—–Face to face
  59. G2B—–Going to bed
  60. G2G —–Got to go
  61. GBH—–Great big hug
  62. GBY—–God bless you
  63. GL—–Good luck
  64. H&K—–Hug and kiss
  65. HAND—–Have a nice day
  66. HOAS—–Hold on a second
  67. J/K—–Just kidding
  68. KPC—–Keeping Parents Clueless
  69. KMA—–Kiss my ass
  70. LOL—–Laughing out loud
  71. M/F – Male or Female
  72. MOOS—–Member Of The Opposite Sex
  73. MOSS—–Member(s) Of The Same Sex
  74. MOS—–Mom Over Shoulder
  75. NIFOC—–Nude In Front Of The Computer
  76. OIC—–Oh, I see
  77. P911—– Parent Alert
  78. [email protected] or PAH—–Parents at home
  79. PAL—–Parents Are Listening
  80. PAW—–Parents are watching
  81. PLZ—–Please
  82. RU/18—–Are You Over 18?
  83. SRY—–Sorry
  84. SYS—–See you soon
  85. W8AM—–Wait a minute
  86. WAY or WAU—–What about you
  87. WBS—–Write back soon
  88. WB—–Welcome back
  89. WP—–Wrong person
  90. WTF—–What The F***
  91. WU—–What’s up?
  92. YL—–Young lady
  93. 4COL—–For crying out loud
  94. =w=—–Whatever
  95. *G*—–Giggle or grin
  96. *H*—–Hug
  97. *K* —–Kiss
  98. *S*—– Smile
  99. *T*—–Tickle
  100. *W*—–Wink

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