12 Quick Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular software of Microsoft’s. Its probably the first thing that pop up in minds regarding the computer. Its still the most used software in our country. People use it to save document, to print the document. It has replaced the type writer. Made our life easier and saved time. But do you know you can save more time just by applying some tip and tricks. Microsoft Words is quite the most popular productivity app. You might think you have got a good handle on Microsoft’s Word processor. We’ll bet you don’t know as much as you think you do. Read the following 10 Quick Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Words to find out.

12 Quick Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word
12 Quick Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word

#Tips 1: How To Select in Microsoft Word

I think you already knew htat double clicking selects a single word. But do you know that tripple clicking selects an entier paragraph. how to select only single sentence? Well, you hve to hold down Ctrl and click on any word. To select an entire table, hold down Alt and double click. You can also select rectangular blocks of text in a Word document, similar to the marquee tool in Photoshop, and apply formatting to the selected area. Hold down the ALT key and drag your mouse to select any rectangular area. To select text vertically, you can do so by holding down the Alt key and using your mouse cursor.

#Tips 2: How to Add an comment box

When someone sends you  a document to proofread, dont waste your time by sending him a email writing all the mistakes or suggestions. Just add a comment box and markup their word file instead. Highlight a portion of their text, Click the review tab in the ribbon bar and select a new comment.

#Tips 3: Inserts Bullets and Numbered List using Keyboard

When inspiraton hits, lifting your fingers off the keyboard to your mouse can kill the mojo. But what do you do if you need to insert a Bullets and Numbered List? Its simple: type an asterik and hit the spacebar to autocreate a bullet list. You can do the same with numbers and dashes.

#Tips 4: Use the built in Thesaurus

To use built in Thesaurus highlight an entry ad press Shift+F7. Pretty simple and easy, huh ! The folks in Redmond had the good sense to bundle this on Microsoft Word.

#Tips 5: Backup or Transfer your Microsoft Word Settings

Nearly every customization you make to word gets saved in the normal.dot template file. Its a hidden file that you should keep saved. You will find it here: C\Users\[user-name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. Make sure to enable viewing hidden files and folders.

#Tips 6: Extend Microsoft Word Trial Period

You need to buy this software to use it. Normally Microsoft allows you to test drive Office free for 30 days. You can rearm the office or another 30 days. And you will be able to do it 5 times for a total of 180 days. Pretty straight forward. To rearm, Open an elevated command prompt and go to C\Program files\Common files\ Microsoft Shared\ Office softwareProtectionPlatform and Run OSPPREARM.exe. If you installed the 32 bit edition on a 64 bit OS, replace the Program files with Program files (x86).

#Tips 7: Move Around Faster

Click Shift+F5 keyboard shortcut to cycle through the spots that you have edited most recently. When you open an existing document inside Word, the same Shift+F5 shortcut will take you to the location that you were working on when the document was last closed.

#Tips 8: Change the Sentence CASE

Press Shift+F3 to quickly change the case of the selection. It toggles between UPPERCASE, lowercase and Camel Case (first letter in capital) and should come handy if you’ve accidentally left the CAPS LOCK key on while typing.

#Tips 9: Convert to Plain Text

When you copy and paste from anywhere in web or source the previous all the styles and formatting are retained. To convert them in plain text press Ctrl+Space Bar and the rich text will be transformed into plain text.

#Tips 10: Move Text without Copy-Paste

Most people use the Ctrl-x Ctrl-v to move text from one location to another. Highlight any block of text, press F2 and then place the cursor at the place where you wish to move that text. Press Enter and the selection will be moved.

#Tips 11: Add the Date
To add the exact date just hit Alt-Shift-D (or Control-Shift -D on a Mac) to add automatically.

#Tips 12: Password Protect Work Documents

To password protect a Word document, click on File > Info > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password

So here it is. If you have anything to more add, Please leve a comment. So that I will add that in post with your name as source. Thanks

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