How To Add Facebook Comments on Genesis or WordPress Individual Post

Facebook Comments are now rising and sometimes replacing the default WordPress comment. Obviously Facebook Comments has some advantage but to earn Page Rank, you will need the comment that can be crawled by Google. Facebook Comments added by iframe technique and hence can not be crawled by Google bot. But Facebook Comments is good for your visitors. Everyone has a Facebook profile. So they can add comment with their Facebook account. When they make comment it is added to their timeline. Although their is option. But you can get return visitor from Facebook.  I have seen a lot of sites using Facebook comments.

So you add Facebook comments with your existing default WordPress comment.

Facebook Comments can be a essential tool for commenting instead of regular comment section.  Facebook is the most popular social network. Recently I have shifted to Genesis Framework based theme and using Dedicated child theme. Because this site sometimes takes huge load and cause pressure every times it loads the Comment Section. On the other hand the regular comment by others is a essential things that you will need to earn Page rank. In this post I am going to show you, How To Add Facebook Comments on Genesis or Child Theme.

How To Add Facebook Comments on Genesis or Child Theme
How To Add Facebook Comments on Genesis or Child Theme

Facebook Comments on Genesis or Child Theme

Copy the following code into your child theme’s functions.php file.

And add the Javascript code to Genesis Header or Footer script. It is better to add to Footer script [Recommended] WordPress Dashboard > Genesis > Theme Setting > Header and Footer Scripts.

When you update the Genesis theme, the code will be lost. We will use Header and footer plugin to use the code below every post. Download and install Header and Footer from above link. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Header and Footer.

You must change the App ID in the above first code. Add the Following code to Header section with your Facebook User ID and App ID.

Change it with your user name and App id. Creat a App here :

Now you will get the comment moderation tool. Here is the Link :

You will get notifications there when anyone makes a comment.

SEO Effect of Facebook Comment

It will affect your page load. We are not using async code. If you use async code it will have much more bad effect.

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