Best Remedy for Dry Skin Foot and Leg in Winter

How often do you take care of your feet? Have you asked yourself? Well, if not, its high time that you should concern about your feet. It is one of the mostly used body parts. Please take care of them just like you do for the other body parts. Specially Face. So now is Winter and cold weather. And you have to be careful about your feet. Pedicure is the best easily available treatment. You don’t need to go Costly saloon everyday to do pedicure. You can do it easily at home.

Best Remedy for Dry Skin Foot and Leg in Winter
Best Remedy for Dry Skin Foot and Leg in Winter

How To Do Pedicure at Home:

1. Remove any nail paint from your nails carefully.
2. Take a tub or bucket, fill it with lukewarm water (not so hot) and add bathing salt or liquid soap of any brand that you like.
3. Dry legs need to apply moisturize with cream or oil.
4. Put your legs into the bucket and Keep it for 15 – 20 minutes.
5. Now take your leg out from water and gently rub it with pumice stone especially on heels.
6. After a good and gentle rubbing, wash your legs with cold water.
7. Now dry your legs with soft cotton cloth and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Pedicure at Home

You are done !

Low humidity, the scientific term for a shortage of water in the air is responsible for Dry Skin. The dry air sucks moisture out of the skin easily and make your skin dry, itchy ashy legs, licking chapped lips, and painfully cracked hands. This leads to rough, cracked skin that can feel tight and uncomfortable. You need to take measures to control the humidity in your environment and keep it locked into your skin.

Best Remedies for Dry Skin

1. Oil based moisturizer better than water based. best moisturiser for dry skin

2. Apply it to your face and body specially in the exposed part like hand, arm, leg and foot.

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly to your Lips.

4. Lip balm with at least SPF 15 and preferably one with antiseptic agents will help in healing.

5. Before Bath: Apply any oil if possible semi-hot oil to your body.

6. After Bath: Use light moisture or sunscreen cream with SPF 15.

7. Use Appropriate Face wash instead of soap. Soap will make your face more dry and strip essential oils you need.

8. To clean your face you can use Green Gram Paste.

9. Use products containing shea butter, mineral oil, tea tree oil or glycerin.

10. Apply cucumber juice on affected area for 10 minutes every day.

11. Apply olive oil over dry skin. Olive oil will reduce the dryness of the skin.

12. Eat more Vitamin E containing food. It helps to restore the normal integrity of skin. It is a warrior against free radical which is responsible for cracked skin.

13. Use Rubber Gloves while exposing your hands to water. Like while washing dishes and clothes.

14. Avoid wet gloves and socks.

15. Apply sun screen cream 30 minutes before going to out side. Many people thinks that, Sun screen cream is only for summer. Well, thats not true. You need to use it for all season.

16. Some skin care products may have ingredients that cause dry skin. Avoid them ASAP.

17. Use sandalwood soap or apply sandalwood paste to your skin to get rid of peeling skin.

18. Drink lots of water to provide necessary hydration to your skin.

19. Honey could be the most appropriate natural treatment. It has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that will fight against dry skin.

20. Vitamin A is needed to avoid getting winter dryness. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are good source of Vitamin A.

Do not Use Hot Water for Bath:

Yes, you have heard that right. Many people use hot water for bathing. It breaks down the lipid barriers in skin and cause the moisture loss. So what to use? Better the cold water. If you are so resistant, you should use lukewarm water. Add few drops of oil to the water before taking bath.

5 Basic Tips to Prevent Cold Feet:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes and footwear. Not so tight, not so light.
  2. Keep your feet warm, dry and clean. Do not walk in bare foot in your room. Use sponge or shoes.
  3. Do regular Exercise. If possible in the morning or evening.
  4. Focus on Balanced Diet that contain all essential food ingredients.
  5. Make a appointment with your physician and take medicine if you need. Check diabetes or any other medical condition.

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