Blog Design For Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

A new webmaster first thinks about the design of the website. Many of them puts a long time on designing and make a mess. but they forget about the Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Its obvious that you must need a good design to attract your visitor and keep them in your blog, but never neglect the SEO. You just need to make a good combination of both. There are a lot of websites, just look around. You will get the idea about how to make a good designed  website with Killer SEO. See the below Infografic that will present you a good IDEA.

Blog Design for Killer SEO

The summery of Blog Design For Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques is given below. Read carefully top to bottom.

1. Beauty Counts

You need a good template that will force your visitor to think that you are a professional and serious about blogging. You can Hire a professional designer to create a stylish, mind-blowing banner that will attract your visitor. It can reduce bounce rates, increase page views and get regular visitor.

2. Search Box

You need to place a Search Box easily visible to your site better to be placed top of the widget. It will make easy for visitor to search in your website.

3. RSS is Alive

RSS links subscriptions are needed. The more subscriber more regular visitor. You can use the Google Feed burner Email subscriptions.

4. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are great tool for both search engines and visitor to show them where are they currently standing in your website. It helps users to navigate, Search Engines to Categorize Content and Increase Crawling and Indexation. There are a lot plugins for WordPress to add breadcrumbs. If you are using thesis you can Add Breadcrumbs In Thesis Without Plugins.

5. Navigation

Add a simple navigation bar that easily catch the attention of visitor. Using classic HTML/CSS links that work most consistently for both users and passing link juice. Dont use any dropdown or flyout navigation requiring JavaScript or other complex.

6. Images

Optimize you image for better Search engine optimization. use ALT tags, title, caption, description etc according to the content of the post. Use a thumbnail at the starting of the post or simple image describing the post. Related content plugins pulls the first image to show related content. So keep this in mind to post a good image in the starting of post. Use related image to post, give proper credit to the creator if this is copy right protected.

7. Keep It Above the Fold

The average browser height is 768 pixels. By placing your best content above this line, you ensure visitors see it without scrolling and increase the chance that search engines will crawl both your content and links.

8. Link to Your Best Content

Interlink with your content in the post just like as Wikipedia as they make more interlinking, it is helpful for visitor. It also keeps the visitor to go away for understanding things. It also decrease bounce rates significantly.

9. Don’t Overdo Links

It is good to keep less than 100 links per page. Otherwise it will make problem for crawlers. keep a gadget of Popular post and recent post. Peoples loves to visit popular post.

10. Watch Your Ad Space

Never use too much add in a page. It will draw you back, not earning too much. Be careful for placement of add.

11. Encourage Comments

Encourage your readers to place comment. It counts and helps to increase Google page rank. Making a community of readers by regular commenter  can make your site popular.

12. Sharing for Everyone

Share to social site bears a great importance now a days. The more social share the more importance to search engine. Make it easy to share the post for readers. Jetpack is a great plugin for wordpress with a lot of features. You can see here How To Add Additional Share Button To Jetpack In WordPress.

13. Test for Speed

Regularly measure the page speed of your site. If your site has got poor speed its obvious that visitor will click on the Cross or go away to your competitor websites and you certainly dont want it. Check out this post 5 Tools To Check Website Page Load Time And Improve Page Speed.

14. Crawl and Validate

Crawl error will definitely push your website far away from search page. Google takes it seriously. So be careful about broken links, improper redirects, missing titles, pages lacking rel=canonical tags… files blocked by robots.txt, etc. If you haven’t add a account in Google Webmaster i would highly request you to sign up now.

15. Pick a Powerhouse Platform

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging. Blogger Blogspot is also a popular widely used platform for blogging, but you can not control and customize the way you can do it in WordPress. Though Google put importance in blogger site, but visiors usually dont take it seriously. So go get a SEO optimized site name and reliable Hosting service for your website.

Blog Design For Best Search Engine Optimization

Infografic: Dawn Shephard

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