16 Common Terms Used in Car Insurance Infographic

Car Insurance is one of the most essential thing that needs your concern. But like other sector its terms, definition of various things are quite different and not easy to understand. Like I said, As I am a Doctor, I can easily understand any Medical term, In fact its my site of expertise. Like All people having a Car is not familiar with the terms used in Insurance. So for them, this Infographic will help them to understand the Common Terms Used in Car Insurance. Car insurance will helps you financially after the car accident. The insurance salesman will tell you a lot of things that might difficult for you to understand. And you need to have a good idea about these terms. Few efforts have been put to showcase various common insurance terms and for brief information about, navigate through the infographic.

16 Common Terms Used in Car Insurance:

1. Accident

2. Claim

3. Deductible

4. Application

5. Hit and Run

6. Policy

7. Insurance

8. Policy Holder

9. Renewal

10. Third Party Liability Insurance

11. Non Renewal

12. Third Party claim

13. Proof of Loss

14. Exclusion

15. Fraud

16. Hazard

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16 Common Terms Used in Car Insurance Infographic

Common Terms Used in Car Insurance

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