Check Your Password And How To Make a Strong Password

Strong Password is very much essential for the security of your your online accounts, computer files & personal information. In this day a easy password can be easily hacked a Hacker ! So be careful to make a powerful password that will protect you. Many people dont use a strong password for the fear of Forget. They are vulnerable to be hacked. In this post I am going to show 2 way to check the security and strength of your password and also help you to choose a strong powerful password.

How To Check the Strength of your Password:

How secure is my is a site that will measure the strength of password. It will show you that how long a Desktop PC would take to hack your password. So At first go to Put your password in the box. See the image below. I gave here my Facebook password, it shows that it would take a desktop PC about 102 million years to hack my password. So Check your Password Now !
Check Your Password And How To Make a Strong Password
Another way to check your password is Microsoft Safety and Security center.
Go to
Put a password in the box. Below In the Bar the mark of strength will be shown.

How To Make a Strong Password:

My 5 Tips to make a good strong secure powerful (!) password:

Check Your Password And How To Make a Strong Password
1. Never use that word which is found on the Dictionary.
2. Never use your birthday, name, birthplace etc as your password.
3. Use at least 8 word, the more the better. I am using 13 word for Facebook.
4. Use letters, punctuation, symbols, numbers etc.
5. Use separate password for separate purpose. Dont use the same thing in all places.

I know These are very short. If you want to know more, see the Google tips. See here Google tips for strong password.

To automatically a strong password you can take the help of Make Me A Go to
Choose the options to use Spaces, number and symbols. Copy paste the password and use it.

Check Your Password And How To Make a Strong Password
Ultimately you have to remember the Password, write it in some encrypted places. Thanks.

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