How To Convert chm file to PDF

CHM files are common for computer users. Some days ago one of my friends was asking for some medical books for his Android device. I gave him some. But some of them were in chm format. He was not able to open that files in his android phone. So he was asking me to convert those chm files to PDFs format. I was searching for the solution to Convert CHM file to PDF. And here is the solution. With this freeware software you can convert any chm files to pdf file.

What is CHM Format and PDF Format?

I think everyone knows the pdf, but what is chm format? CHM is the abbreviation of “Compiled Help Manual”, it is a common help file format on Windows OS platform. So you can open the chm file in your computer but not in some mobile devices, such as mobile phone, iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone / iPod and other equipment. If you have installed this handy tool, you can easily convert chm file to pdf and able to read in any device.

How To Convert chm file to PDF

Convert CHM file to PDF

To convert CHM file to PDF, download this free software. It is only 9mb. Install it in your computer. Select an existing CHM file and input a PDF output file name. Click “Convert” button to start conversion. You will have some options like:

  • Collate when printing multiple copies (default)
  • Grayscale, PDF will be generated in grayscale
  • Low quality, useful to shrink the result document space
  • Do not print background
  • Open generated PDF file after conversion (default)

Download CHM to PDF

How much time will it take?

Ok, you may ask this question. I believe that low configuration computer can run this software smoothly. I have Intel Core 2 Due 2.93 GHz PC with 2GB RAM in Windows 7. I have converted Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery – 3rd Edition. It is 5.09 Mb. The converted PDf file is 5.46 Mb. Watch this video below.

CHM Reader for Android:

Download SUPER CHM software from the official Google Play Store Link. Install and you will be able to read chm files in Android Device. Thanks to Sujon Paul for this.

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