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Genesis is a great theme with much possibilities for theme modifications. It is a Premium theme. It is SEO optimized powerful. It has a support forum. If you have any problems regarding this theme, you will get help immediately. Previously I have used Thesis. It is a great theme too. Recently I have shifted to Genesis. In this post I am going to share with you the Genesis theme customization tips. You can customize your theme with simple code snippets. You will need to add them in style.css or functions.php. You can modify these files through WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor. I will add here more tools when I find one. I suppose you are using Child theme. Because if you modify your code Genesis framework, it will be lost with the update.

Genesis Theme Customize
Genesis Theme Customize
This Post is like a collection of Genesis Theme Customization Codes
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All of the code may not work. Some codes may cause your website to be broken. Use them with cautions. All codes are tested and most them are applied to this site. I have found them through Google Search.

Remember to Take a Backup of style.css and functions.php in case anything goes wrong.

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Change Comment is Awaiting Moderation Text

Before cooment appear in site it must be moderated. usually it show “your comment is awaiting moderation”.  But you can change it, according to your need. Heres How to change it. I have changed it like this below.

Customize the Genesis Comment Button Text:

Add the following codes to functions.php of your child theme. Change the word “Submit Comment” to what you want.

How to Add Custom Footer:

You can remove the default footer and add your own custom text, links etc in footer section. Add your desired text or links and add the codes to functions.php of your child theme.

Modify “Read More…” Text:

You can change the read More text to whatever you want. You may add Continue Reading. It sounds good.

Display Previous and Next Links After Comment Form

In my Thesis previous and next post links are shown by default. but not in genesis. So you should add it. So the reader night interested to spend more time in your site. I had a great pain for the right code. With correct hook you can add it anywhere. It’ll help to reduce bounce rate. You can get a Demo below this post. I have added it to “genesis_after_comment_form”. To display previous and next post links add following code in functions.php

Edit Comment Form

Following code will modify your comment form title and will add some text below it. Change the text as per your need. Add following code in functions.php.

Add a Comment Policy Box Before Comment Form:

Spam is a major problem. Adding a comment policy will not the spammer. But it looks good to have a comment policy above the comment form. the Human spammer will get notified and think twice before spam. It is not shown to logged in user. See my comment area for live demo.

Modify Size of Comments Gravatar

Gravatar is a photo of shown beside the comments. I think you have a gravatar. See here Add a Gravatar Profile Picture in Everywhere You Comment. Add this below code to

Add Genesis Comment Form Above Comments

Suppose you have a lot comments. So your visitor will need to scroll below to add a comment. Why do this? Add the Comment Form Above Comments. To reposition the comment form to above comment list, you may use the following code. This code should be inserted in functions.php of your Genesis child theme. See here Demo of  Comment Form Above Comments.

Remove the Website Field from Genesis Comments Form

How to modify the comments form to remove the URL or website field. Add this code to  functions.php.

Customize the Return to Top Text:

Return to top is available at the lower left corner. you can change the text to whatever you want.

Customize the Credits Text in Footer:

Above I have showed you the process to edit the entire footer. If you dont do that, consider the below code. Add this code to  functions.php. Change your site url and name.

Modify the Speak Your Mind title text

No more today ! Thanks for reading this post. If you liked this post, consider to share it with your friends. I bet this will charm them too.

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