Disable App Auto-Update and Windows Store in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has some awesome feature. Metro style app is one them. In original Windows 8 there was notification pending requiring your attention ti update app. But now in Windows 8.1 the apps are set to download and install apps. These beautiful Metro-style apps will automatically update in the background. Many users will probably prefer this behavior, safe in the knowledge that their apps will always be up-to-date, with no requirement on their part. But you will have no idea what is happening your behind. Many users have limited net connection. For them it is better not to use Windows Store. As for example, I use Windows 8.1 in Desktop and I have to interest in Windows store or Windows App. Also I use limited internet monthly. So I was searching a easy way to disable Windows store and stop the auto app update.

Disable App Auto-Update Windows 8.1

This is very simple. Just go to Windows store and navigate to Settings, App Updates. Then, change the option Automatically Update My Apps to No.

Disable App Auto-Update

Disable the Windows Store in Windows 8

You might not want a user to be able to use the Windows Store. You can disable windows store via a policy in the Group Policy Editor or via a Registry key.

To access the Group Policy Editor you should type Group Policy in the Start Screen and then click on the Settings category. The option for Edit Group Policy should now appear.

Click on the Edit Group Policy option and the Group Policy editor will open. Under the Local Computer Policy, expand the tree to the following path:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Store

When you see Store, left click on it to select it as shown in the image below.

Disable the Windows Store in Windows 8

In the right-hand panel you will now see a variety of settings. Double-click on the Turn off the Store application setting and its properties screen will open.

Select the Enabled button and then click on the Apply button. Finally click on the OK button and close the Group Policy Editor.

Disable the Windows Store in Windows 8

Windows 8 will no longer allow you to use the Windows Store app.

Disable the Windows Store in Windows 8

If you want to enable this feature in the future, just go back to the same setting and change it to Not Configured.

If you are not using Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise you will not have access to the Group Policy Editor. Instead you will need to enable the setting through the Windows Registry. This setting can be enabled by creating the RemoveWindowsStore REG_DWORD value under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore Registry key and setting it to 1.

If you do not feel comfortable editing the Registry, you can download this Registry file that will disable the Windows Store app for you:

Download reg file and double click on it.

Just download the above Registry file and double-click on it. When it asks if you wish to merge the data, click on the Yes button.

If you want to use enable the Windows Store app again in the future you can download and run this Registry file:

Thanks to www.bleepingcomputer.com.

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