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Mozilla Firefox, the popular internet browser has released its latest version firefox 44. It is now available to download. Firefox users can update to latest version through automatic updates. There are some major changes in this version. I use Firefox in my Android mobile. The reason i left Google Chrome  is that chrome eats more ram and it does not have a Quit button. Come’on man ! No Quit button? Although by default Firefox also dont have a quit button. But you can enable it. You can now choose a specific home page in android firefox.

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What’s Changed in Firefox 44?

For Desktop:

  • Fix issue which could lead to the removal of stored passwords under certain circumstances (1242176)
  • Allows spaces in cookie names (1244505)
  • Disable opus/vorbis audio with H.264 (1245696)
  • Require NSS 3.21 (1244069)
  • Ship the Gecko SDK (1243740)
  • Fix for graphics startup crash (GNU/Linux) (1222171)
  • Fix a crash in cache networking (1244076)
  • Fix using WebSockets in service worker controlled pages (1243942)


English (British) Windows 32 Bit


Windows 64bit






Linux 64 bit


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See here to download for other language

For Android:

  • Use Android print service to enable cloud printing
  • Prompt user before opening Intent URIs in a Private Browsing tab
  • Show search history suggestions
  • Web-based Firefox Accounts page
  • Added support for launching URIs with mms: protocol
  • Users can now choose a homepage to display on startup instead of the Top Sites panel

Top Mozilla Firefox Browser Extensions and Add ons

For iOS:
Version 1.4, first offered to Release channel users on January 14, 2016
Bug fixes and stability improvements

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How to Know Which Firefox Add-on is Eating Up Most Memory


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