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The New WordPress Twenty Thirteen is rocking. Its an amazing Fully Responsive Retina display ready free wordpress theme. Full range of post formats are available are like as Audio, Chat, Gallery, Image, link, Quote, Status, video etc. Single column theme specially made for Bloggers. Beautiful typography and icons has made it special. It has a flexible layout that looks great on any device, big or small. Today I am going to share with you a great collection of all Twenty Thirteen WordPress Child Theme. I have collected them all from various source in Internet. Share with your friends who has Twenty Thirteen Theme.

Twenty Thirteen

What Is a Child Theme?

Child theme is really child who needs guides from parents theme. Updates is a regular thing if you are using Default WordPress theme. When you update the theme, you will loss the stylesheet.css made in the parent theme. But if you use a child theme you will get rid of this problem. You can do whatever you want in child theme. Modifications made in child theme does not affect the parent theme. So updating the parent theme also does not affect the child theme.

How to Create a Child Theme?

See the for Full customization and everything about Child theme. You can also give a look into

Download Twenty Thirteen Child Theme:

A child theme may have modifications like colors or may be just basic codes. The simplest child theme just call the parent themes style.css and nothing in functions.php. You have to modify as you want. The others like Holi comes with lot of Color and it is 967KB. While the simplest child hteme is just 4 KB. Holi contains a lot of Header image so its quite big.

Holi Twenty Thirteen Child Theme:

Its the best Twenty Thirteen Child Theme. Holi requires you to have Twenty Thirteen and WordPress 3.6 installed in order to run. The theme has the 9 color schemes. It is brought to you by Thematosoup.

Download Holi
Holi Home Page

R2D2 Twenty Thirteen Child Theme:

R2D2 is another great Twenty Thirteen WordPress Child Theme. It is made by Robert Dall. It has a Dark background. It has Increased width to 2200px on the wider monitors. The post title is moved above the content in the video and images post format.

Download R2D2
R2D2 Home Page

NoScope Child Theme:

Joen Asmussen has built this 4 Twenty Thirteen Child Theme. They are Green, Green Sequential, Blue, Blue Sequential. He is the One Who has built Twenty Thirteen. So dont miss the chance to see his work.

Download 4 Twenty Thirteen Child Theme

Twenty Thirteen Blue Child Theme:

I have found this Twenty Thirteen Blue Child Theme in Check out this basic theme. it is a Simple, clean and light weight theme. It is a  blue colored WordPress twenty thirteen child theme. This child theme theme contains style.css sheet and functions.php files.

Twenty Thirteen Blue

Download Blue Child Theme
Blue Child Theme Home Page

IamShemul Twenty Thirteen Child Theme:

This is a 2 KB Child theme. Wondering why? Its just a style.css and functions.php file combination. Its very easy to made a child them, as shown in above link. I will change it further in future. Its just my blogs theme.

Download IamShemul Child Theme

No more today. If you have more theme, please let me know. If you are using one of them, let me know in the comment. I will add the link as Demo.


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