How To Find & Watch Full Movies in Youtube is the new website launched by . Amit Agarwal is Famous pro-blogger from India. will help you to find full length movies which are free to watch. You can watch youtube movies wiht this site. The best thing about this website is that, you can search movies by their category, language, year of release etc. And all of them is full movies, not partial or trailers. The catalog includes a collection of 15,000+ movies.

You Tube is the most famous video sharing websites in the world. It contains billions of video. Also full length movies are available here. But finding the full length movies that are free is not so easy. will make this task easy for you. It is a must to website for all movie freak. Movies of various regional languages such as those from English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, etc are available. Instant Movie Search is the amazing feature of You type and it will show you the result instantly. The search feature is location aware and will only show movie titles that are available in your current geographic location.

How To Find & Watch Full Movies in Youtube

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There are red-green bar in the video. First, I wondered that as a design. But later I came to know that, it indicates the ration of like and dislike point of that video. If a movie gets enough green bar, you would certainly like to watch the movie.

How Works?

According to Amit Agarwal

The movie data was sourced from YouTube using their data API and also /r/fullmoviesonyoutube, one of most active Reddit community where members post links to free movies on YouTube. I used Google Scripts to scrap Reddit and a copy of this movie database can also be downloaded from Github.

The Instant Search feature internally uses the YouTube Search API and queries the YouTube database directly instead of the Zero Dollar Movies database so the results are always current.

Amit Agarwal has plan to develop this website and to take it further. Please use the “Flag Video” button to report the video.

So, What are you waiting for? Lets find the Movies…..

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  1. ffMoviez is a huge collection of youtube movies that supports search by moviename/actors/directors/genre/language/country/year. Also it includes movies in many languages like Korean, German, French, English, Hindi, Chinese etc.
    So, watch movies freely and legally on ffMoviez

    • is quite same as In later, the movies can be browse by Language or Year. Also the i like the design of it.

      • what about searching movies by actor’s name or genre or director’s name? ffmoviez( supports flexible searching option. if any1 want to watch comedy movie, then just type “comedy” in the searchbar also if any1 want to watch korean movies, then just type “korean” in the searchbar, thats it.

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