How To Force Visitors to Like Facebook Page

Facebook pop-up like box is popular among the bloggers. If you want to promote your Facebook page you can apply this. Some popular bloggers use email subscription form as pop-up box. But I don’t really like this. Also, there is a risk if your using Google Adsense. It is against the Adsense policy to use pop up window. If you are free from adsense I think, you can use pop up box to get more Facebook like. There are many plugins for WordPress. For blogger you have to use java script code. Here I will show you the code and how to use them.

Facebook Pop up Plugin for WordPress:

Mini PopUp

This plugin has the functionality to show a popup where the readers will see a fan box of the Facebook. This will encourage your readers to like your fan page and will generate more fans to your blog. Cookies to improve the user experience. It has a Smart display mode.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

All your visitors should know about your Facebook page and tell their friends. With this plugin you can display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page-Like Box inside a lightbox. You can Limit the lightbox to once every x days per individual visitors. The bad side is it has no api key. It works with iframe, premium version uses the api and requires a key).

Social PopUP

It is quite best. It has option to choose Google+, twitter and Facebook follow links. There are multiple display filters: * Show popup on specific pages * Filter user from search engines * Filter users that never commented * Filter users via specific referrer * Filter users via roles * Show popup to logged / non logged users * Show or not to mobile and tablet users.

  • Popup dissapears if a user click on any social button.
  • Popup dissapears if a user click outside of the popup ( Can be disabled )
  • Popup dissapears if a user click in close button ( Can be disabled )

When a use clicks a button, a cookie will be created , so the user wont see the popup next time he visits the site. After you activate your plugin, go to the settings page to configure your buttons and enable the popup.

Plugin’s Official Site: Social PopUP (

Facebook Pop up Plugin for Blogger:

previously I have written about how to Add jQuery Facebook Popup Like Box For Blogger and Facebook Lightbox Style Pop Up Like Box to Blogger. you may want to check out these Blogspot Tips and Tricks.

How To Force Visitors to Like Facebook Page

  • Go to Blogger > Dashboard
  • Click Layout
  • Click Add Gadget and select HTML/javascript
  • Copy/Paste the following code
  • Save your gadget.

Change your Facebook page user name with the name given in code. Suppose Your Facebook URL is then you write only iamshemul

Change the number ‘10‘ to the number of days you want it to appear again to a user. If you really want to force, then change it to something higher. But sometimes it takes times, because facebook like now has to confirm.

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