Free Download Nokia Z Launcher for Android Phone

Nokia has introduced an Android Launcher. You can download the Launcher for free. It is available to download for All Android mobile but recommended all android 4.1 and above android version. Nokia Z Launcher has many spectacular features that has attracted the Android market.

What is a Launcher?

A launcher control your mobile home screen and app grid, giving you a customized experience beyond that of what the device manufacturer pre-installed on your device. It is like the better version of ‘what is already given to your mobile’. a Launcher will replace the default home screen with a more streamlined design.

Free Download Nokia Z Launcher for Android Phone
Free Download Nokia Z Launcher for Android Phone

Why you need Nokia Z Launcher ?

Any general Launcher will show some random app shortcuts on your home screen. But the Nokia Z Launcher will provide you with the exact apps and contacts you need, when you need them. It is designed to minimize the hazard and reduce the clutter of Apps. By learning your habits and other indicators such as location, time of day, and what you’re doing, Z Launcher will constantly evolve and customize itself to better fit your needs. Nokia Z Launcher removes the multiple home pages, and replaces them with a single page that changes to fit the user’s needs. The app tracks what and when apps users run most often. When the phone is unlocked, the home screen displays a list of apps, contacts and websites users are most likely to want at that time of day, based on their history.

“As soon as you install and start using Z Launcher, it starts learning what you use throughout the day and automatically surfaces whatever you’re most likely to need at the right moment,” says Nokia in a statement.

Official Website of Nokia Z Launcher:

It is now in Pre-Beta version and limited number of download is possible. But you can download it from here.

Device supported:

The current list of devices the app is optimized for includes the Nexus 5; Galaxy S5, S4, and S3; Moto X; HTC One; and Sony Xperia Z1. Any Android 4.1 and above android version can run this Launcher.

How to Download and Install Nokia Z Launcher?

Nokia Z Launcher is not available in Google Play. You need to download and install it from “Unknown Sources”. You may face a problem to install the launcher. If you have previously installed app from third party, then its ok. Other wise you need to follow the below rules. You will need a file manager.

  1. First copy the APK file to your Android mobile.
  2. Go to Settings > Security. Then check the unknown source.

Download Nokia Z Launcher This is From the Official nokia blog. It will probably not work, at least not on my device.

So I have found another one from XDA developer website, which is working fine. See the below screen shot:

Download Nokia Z Launcher Link 2

Alternate Download Link

Free Download Nokia Z Launcher for Android Phone
Free Download Nokia Z Launcher for Android Phone

Scribble feature of Nokia Z Launcher

Scribble feature has made the Nokia Z Launcher unique and exclusive. On any screen within the launcher you can write a letter with your finger. The launcher will then return both app and contact results for that letter. If you write more than 4 letters it will turn into a Google search.

How to Change settings of Nokia Z Launcher?

You can change settings for the launcher as well as check for updates in the launcher’s settings. To access its settings, open your app listing and tap on the settings cog in the top-right corner.

The four main icons along the bottom of your screen are carried over from your previous launcher. In order to change them, you’ll need to revert back to your original launcher (Settings > Home), edit what apps are your favorites, and then go back to Z Launcher.


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