How Geeky Are You? Lets Find Out Now

Recently I have come through this wonderful website named as Us Vs Th3m. It is owned by Trinity Mirror, a newspaper publisher in the U.K. Us Vs Th3m is dedicated to both producing and sharing funny Web content. There are a special section in this website named as Games. These are tech related funny game. I will now show you one such game. It will find out how geeky are you.

How Geeky Are You?

How Geeky Are You

It will ask you a series of multiple choice questions. Carefully choose the right answers. but do not take much time. Actually there is nothing to think. Choose the answer which pops out in your mind at first.

What is your Score?

Lets have some fun. I have scored 59%. Its not good enough? What do you think? What is your score. Let us know in the comment.


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