Google Effects On Memory and Learning Infographic

Google has integrated to our day to day life so much that we can not even pass a day without Google. But it was not present since the beginning of time. It is one of the most recent evolution in the History of Mankind and Information technology. Google is used mainly in the purpose of searching. But what would happen if Google isn’t with us. What will the people do? It has definitly a tremendous effect on the Memory and Learning system.

Google Affects Memory and Learning has made this beautiful informative infographic that shows us how Google helps us find information on the Internet, so we can keep our minds clear and fresh. But, perhaps we rely too much on Google. We dont want to waste our valuable time on searching silly information that might kill our time. Google helps in this perspective. Also it saves our energy that we can spend on other purposes.

Google service is increasing day by day. It is said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention. So is Google and Whole world doing. But we need to take care of Our Brain. We must exercise our brain, so it can be always fresh and having full working capacity.

This infographic will show you How Google Affects Memory and Learning.

1. Google services as extension of Knowledge such as Google calender, Docs, Reader, Searches, Images, Analytics.
2. How Google is changing our memory in two way as With Google and Without Google.
3. And lastly the consequences of Google on our Brain.

Effect of Google on Memory and Learning

Obviously their is some drawbacks and also useful merits. We can not exclude that Google is causing harm to our Brain but also it has increases our capacity of Memory and changed our Learning system that last longer. Hail Google.What do you think?

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