How Technology Absorbs Campus Bandwidth [Infographic]

This is the era of Technology. But things were not same even one decades ago. Previously there was only internet users of mobile phone roaming around the campus. That had less effect on the bandwidth of your campus. Now as we can see Smart phones, iPads, and laptops has tremendous effect on your campus bandwidth. The more tech gadget the absorption of bandwidth. The young generations passes a lot of time of the day in the college, schools or universities. They just dont sit around there only for study purpose. Their tech gadgets are always running. The more student, the more tech machine ultimately the more wireless internet speed needed. The young generation wants to always be online, to be able to check email and Facebook. And the colleges and universities themselves are struggling to increase the wireless internet speeds.

How Technology Absorbs Campus Bandwidth

This Infographic will show you the so called The Battle For Bandwidth.
According to this beautiful Infographic 

41% students have 3 or more devices connected to internet.
77% college have reported that increasing number of mobile devices has a great effect in their networks system.
68%  institutions allow unlimited connectivity to the residential network.

Explore the rest of the Infographic by yourself. And let us  know what do you think about it? Do you absorb the speed of your campus? I think you should do !

How Technology Absorbs Campus Bandwidth

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