How To Get Facebook Report Card Signed by Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Report Card is a funny report document that will show some statistics and compile them to form a card looks like school card. Surely it is just for fun ! There are many apps to do that and also many websites. One of them also signed by Mark Zuckerberg. You might hate your school report card but you are going to  love this ‘Report Card‘.

Report Card analyzes your Facebook activities and generate report card image based on your facebook statistics like total friends, photos in which you are tagged, status updates, Links you have shared, videos in which you are tagged, pages you LIKE…

How to Get Facebook Report Card

1. see my report card below of this site. Click and Get Your FB Report Card… I think its quite cool ! It is signed by Mark Zuckerberg. how funny ! !  !

How To Get Facebook Report Card-See my report card

2. FBReport Card: Go this link and click on Connect on facebook. Then you will asked for permissions. It is most nasty part that I hate. I don’t want to share this with my friends. It just makes my profile page looks ugly. So you can choose not to share it.

How To Get Facebook Report Card

Report Card would also like permission to:

  • Post on your behalf
  •  Access posts in your News Feed

Just Skip this.

In the page, Who can see this post…… Select Only me.

How To Get Facebook Report Card

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