How To Make a Free Terms of Service Page

Terms of service or Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions are pages of a website that matters with the Legal aspect of using a website. If you owns  a website or blog you must have a terms of service page. This page will save you from any legal problems. But it is not easy to make a terms of service page so easily. Usually it includes a lot of information or data. You may forget something or make a wrong interpretation that will cause you a harm. So i would like to suggest you to contact with a lawyer. But this is also costly and also “so not suitable”. So here is this post about.

You can make a Terms of Service page by Terms of Service Generator tool. I searched in the internet and found these two website helpful. If you are not satisfied you can go to paid services.

A Free Terms of Service Generator for Your Online Site

Go to
The first is somehow large includes more information like Business Name, Business Address, Business Structure, Business Phone Number etc on the first page. Fill out these form correctly. They will be used on the Terms of Service page. now Choose Terms of Service Sections, if you dont understand what is this, Hover your mouse in the Whats This Section. This will show you

The “General Terms” are the “rules” of your website.

The “Sales” sections covers the sale of goods or services.

The “Blog” section covers your blog.

Choose according to your website.

In the Second page give your Description of Services, Website Name, State Where Site is Controlled, List of Trademarks, Does Your Site Have a Registration Process?, Designated Agent for Claimed Infringements,Designated Agent’s Address, Designated Agent’s Phone Number, Email Address for Complaints, Effective Date for the Terms.

At last Click on I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and then Generate My Terms. You will get your Terms of Service page. Copy this and paste it in your website.

The Second one is more simple. This uses only Company Name and Company State. The former used more information.

Go To Here to make your terms of service page.


How to make free terms of service page



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