How To Make/Check Your Website Compatible To Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 was released some months ago. Microsoft is trying to get back on the browser market through their latest IE 10. Internet Explorer has got some major advancements in browsing made easy. The most users of IE resides in USA. If you are  a webmaster, you need to make sure that your website or blogs are easily compatible with the Internet Explorer 10. not only IE, also Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera has got importance. But IE is quite different. Today, in this post I am going to show you How to Check that your site is Compatible To Internet Explorer 10.

Download Internet Explorer 10 Offline Version

This Online tool released by Microsoft itself will help you to detect the Compatibility of your website with Internet Explorer 10. IE 10 is built in with Windows 8. See below for scanning your blog for IE 10 Compatibility.

1. Go to Scan Page.

2. Enter the URL of your blog or website in the text box.

How To Make Your Website Compatible To Internet Explorer 10

3. Then Click on the Scan Button beside the Box.

4. That’s all. You will see “Your Report is Loading…”

5. Soon you will find the Result.

6. Site with a problem will be shown with  What did we find? Why is it important? and How to fix it?

You can Download The report as PDF and save to your computer or Share it.

My Report:

How To Make/Check Compatible Website To Internet Explorer 10

What’s this tool about?

Today it can take a lot of time to make your web experiences look great (or just work) across various browsers and devices. This tool detects common coding practices that may cause compatibility problems or prevent your users from getting the best possible experience on a webpage. Whenever possible we suggest a fix or enhancement with web standards like HTML5 & CSS3 (or a graceful fallback). It’s not a complete checklist for coding the modern web – just a starting point so you can spend less time testing for IE and more time building what matters on the web.

This scanner is BETA (build 60 28-Feb 2013).

So how is your result?

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