How To Promote a Blog Post After You Publish

Writing a beautiful SEO optimized blog post is definitely a hard working job. A good blogger needs to sacrifice a lot of hours and use the brain to complete a good unique, quality content post. But what happens next? You just write it and hit the publish button. Then most probably your new blog post will suffocate in the never ending sea of bloggers. You need to tell the world, “hey, I have written a new blog post, come and see it”. Unless you a popular blogger. This is a competition. You need to be in the higher rank to survive. Today I will share with you, how to do that. How to promote a new blog post after you publish it. Writing great quality content is obviously the first thing, the next thing is sharing it. You need to act immediately after you publish your post. There are many ways you can promote your blog post immediately after you publish it to increase traffic to it quickly. If you can do the “marketing job” properly you can expect a huge amount of traffic quickly.

How to Promote a Blog Post

During writing the post, keep in mind the targeted keywords and use it effectively. You can increase targeted website traffic by sharing contents throughout the social media. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to choose right keywords. I will show you the places to promote your blog post.

Before you share the blog post link, shorten it with popular shortener. I would prefer, etc. will give you the option to create custom url. Create and save it in a notepad. Whenever you share use this link. Twitter has a 140-character limit per post.

Social Bookmark

Although social bookmarking no longer carries the weight that it once did. But doing it is not harmful. And there is nothing to lose anyway. Spend 5 minutes to bookmark your post in social bookmarking site. If you are regular you may be able to build a community and make friends. I gets some useful traffic from Stumble upon and Reddit. Also these traffic are important for SEO.  If others bookmark/digg your content, the more exposure you get and the more opportunity you have for others to link to you or reference your content on their sites.

1. Google Bookmark

2. Digg

3. Stumble Upon

4. Reddit

5. Instapaper

6. Pocket

7. Delicious

How to Promote a Blog Post in Social Media

When it comes to social media the Facebook Twitter and Google comes in our mind easily. But these are not the only social media. There are many popular social media. Also many social media that you have not heard the name. I will tell you here how to promote a blog post in Facebook, twitter and Google Plus. You can use HootSuite to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the same time.

Website for Social Share

1. Publish your feed automatically to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and

2. Distribute your blog to facebook, twitter, google+ and more.

3. Any valid RSS or Atom feed can be added as a content source. Blog, YouTube, Flickr, trusted news sources… even Pinterest!

4. With Buffer you can connect to Twitter, Facebook page, profile, Group, Google plus page,, Linked in page, group, profile.

See more Useful Websites

How To Promote a Blog Post in Facebook

In Facebook Its better to share the content in your Facebook brand page, not in your profile. Have you heard Facebook’s EdgeRank? See here in Mashable What Is Facebook EdgeRank and Why Does It Matter? So Facebook will show very few pages update to its viewer. It gives importance to posts which have a lot of likes, comments share etc.

How To Promote a Blog Post in Facebook After You Publish
How To Promote a Blog Post in Facebook After You Publish
To help your Facebook page get more exposure, share the post in your Facebook page. Now manually share the pages update n your profile with some messages or may be a question

How To Promote a Blog Post in Google Plus

Google is the giant search engine and responsible for 95% of my organic search traffic. Its very much vital to promote in Google. I am using Google interactive post. Share the content in Google Plus Brand page of your site. Google+ allows you to share 100,000 characters, so you can use the entire post here. And you should do it. Peoples want to read everything in the social media and less likely to enter in your website.

Go to your google Plus Brand page and paste the entire link. Google+ will grab images from the first web link. Change it accordingly. Copy and paste the entire post here. Use Google Plus formatting to make it SEO optimized. Make important words Bold or phrases by putting * on either side of the text. Share it with everyone. Now again share the page update in your own profile like as Facebook.

How To Promote a Blog Post in Twitter

Shorten the link and share it in your profile. Use hash-tags and image where necessary. Ask your friends to do so. When they do so, Retweet there post again. Adding a hash-tag to a blog post is a great way to reach more people. You can visit and do some searching to find out which hashtags are the most popular.


LinkedIn is a place of professionals. Create regular post here. Also dont forget to share in LinkedIn related group.


Pinterest the most emerging social media. You should use an eye-catching stunning picture in your post. Pin it in your related board and ask others to pin. The more pin more exposure.

Link from Old Posts

Go to your old posts which are related to this topic. And create link from there to the new post. Also add links in the popular post. It increase the interconnection between posts. Also decrease the Bounce rates.

Reply to comments

Reply to comments regularly. You can also reward them with commenting to their site.

I also share posts in,, Blokube, Klink, Tumblr and Typepad.

Ok, that’s all for now. I may have forgotten things. Its your duty to remind me. Also let us know where do you share posts after you publish the post.

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