How to Know Which Firefox Add-on is Eating Up Most Memory

Firefox is an wonderful browser. But you may find it slow or complain that it hangs up sometime. I have faced such problems. Its because that some extensions is consuming the most of the memory. There are other problems too. In this post, I am going to show you the Firefox add-on that is consuming more memory. Even if your Firefox is okay, You might be interested to know which add-on is eating your system resources. I wanted to find out the culprit add-on which is slowing my Firefox. There are some ways. Be default, Mozilla Firefox has a about:memory page which will show you the memory usage. But this page is not user friendly. Its just not for non technical guys like us. There is a simple ways too. The easy way with a extension. Here is the hard way in

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How to Know Which Firefox Add-on is Eating Up Most MemoryWhich Firefox Add-on is Consuming Most Memory

With this simple extension you can find out which Firefox add-on is consuming most memory. You don’t need to restart the browser. Even after measuring the add-on load, you can remove the add-on. The name of the add-on is About:add-on Memory. It displays memory used by this extension including the browser also. Follow the simple steps:

1. Download and install About:addons-memory.
2. Type about:addons-memory  in the address bar and Hit Enter.
3. You will find the memory usage statistics.

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About this Add-On:

55 user reviews
29,632 users

about:addons-memory provides an experimental about:page for advanced users to display some memory usage statistics about their add-ons.
To use, open about:addons-memory in a new tab.
Dear press,
no, it is not OK to install this add-on along with the Top 20 or something add-ons and publish articles singling out the “biggest memory wasters” or something along the lines of this. This is wrong, superficial, sensationalist and outright wrong.
Adblock Plus, being the most popular add-on, using 20-30 MB of memory is not a problem. Add-ons that may use hundreds of mega bytes of memory with steadily growing memory usage *may* be a problem and this add-on is intended to find exactly these kinds of issues more easily.

Thanks for reading the post. let me know which add on is killing more memory in your Firefox browser.

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