London Olympics 2012 Judging by the Numbers [Infografics]

London Olympics 2012 is the most prestigious event in the world of sports. Usually USA dominates this Olympic game by gaining most medals. Total medal won by America 2302, USSR 1122. The matter of fact that USA never won Gold in Ping-pong, Badminton and Handball. This years medal are the largest and heaviest in the Olympic history.

London Olympics 2012

The MBA Online has created this beautiful infografic of London Olympic 2012 judging by Number. Facts about numbers are included here. This is a Cool infographic about all things numbers and the Olympics.  It’s understood the Olympics isn’t just about money – it’s about gathering people from all corners of the earth and uniting them through friendly competition. But to the city hosting the Olympics, it’s much more than that. To the hosting cities, it is also a business decision that will impact their region and local businesses for years to come. This infographic will show you a historic account of the Olympics as well as what it takes for one city to host them.

Olympics: Judging by the Numbers
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