Top Xposed Framework Module That I am Using

Xposed framework is a extraordinary tool that adds more functionality to your already rooted android device. So Rooted android is must for xposed to work. If you have rooted your android it is high time you used xposed modules. There are hundreds of modules. Some of them are device specific. It could be a pain to scroll through all the modules in the repository. Xposed modules will provide some features that only available in a custom rom. If you dont want to use any custom ROM, then xposed can be the best solution for you. I have been using Nokia X2DS Android for more than 2 years. I have rooted it and from that day i have been using xposed framework modules. Today here is a list of modules that i am using.

As i have said previously root access is required for xposed. So some level of technical knowledge is essential. Otherwise you may end up with a bricked device. So if you are already rooted, you are ready to go. Any changes you have made or if you messed up with something, just disable that module and you are good.

What is Xposed Framework?

Xposed Framework is a software platform which allows for the installation of specialist modules (similar to apps) which can alter Android system behavior beyond what is normally possible. Think of it as a sort of Google Play for power users. Individual modules are downloaded and installed from within the Xposed Framework app or from the Xposed Module Repository website.

How to Use Xposed Modules:

Install it like any app. Then open the Xposed framework>Go to Modules> Enable the module and then reboot.

First of all i will go through the modules that i am using right now. Later i will add other top best xposed modules.

Xposed Framework Module That I am Using

Best best xposed modules List 2016


Amplify puts you in control of how your device uses your battery by controlling how often your device can wake up, and how long it can stay awake. Use the recommended settings for easy battery savings, or dig in and customize every alarm, service, and wakelock on your device.

Boot Manager:

With this app modul you could prevent selected apps of running on system startup. Only apps with the permission BOOT_COMPLETED are shown in the list. If you frequently reboot your device, this app you must need.

Enable CM Call Recording

This module is Only for CyanogenMod. They recently added Call recording feature but it isn’t enabled by default and there is no option in Settings to enable it (in some countries is not legal…). Requirements: CM 11, CM 12, CM 12.1.

Flat Style Colored Bars

It changes the background colors of your Status & Navigation bars. Pro features adds more functionality. There are other modules for this purpose and they are free. Search it.


Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground. Auto-hibernation now works in non-root mode. It works in non-root phone too.

Hide Network Indicators

A small Xposed module that brings back the original AOSP look on custom roms by hiding the network activity indicators. It requires AOSP-based custom rom. This app has no effect on stock google roms because the indicators are already hidden.

Lockscreen Tweakbox:

I was searching for a way to hide Emmergency call option in lock screen. Here is the module to Hide emergency call button. It also has a lot of other features. It has unlimited pattern unlock attempts, users are also able to hide the next alarm text . You can also set a custom background color, image, or both, change the pattern dot and trail colors, change the unlock ring icon, allow for notifications with lock screen security, show the clock in the status bar, and make noise when an incorrect password is entered.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher apk is an fantastic android tool that can hack in app purchases, remove license verification from paid apps, remove ads from apps, install modded play store and many more. The notable feature of lucky patcher is that it works even on non-rooted devices, which is rare in such kind of tool. You have to download it manually.

Max Lock

MaxLock is an applocker based on Xposed Framework. Unlike most other applockers, it uses an battery and performance friendly event recognition method instead of a polling service. This mod is compatible from Android 4.0.3 to newest Android Marshmallow. Conventional applock softwares use polling to detect current running process, which drains your battery and slowers your device. This is why MaxLock. With the help of Xposed framework, MaxLock uses an event-driven method to detect app launch and lock it, which results in better performance.

Min Min Guard

MinMinGuard is an Ad-remover made with Xposed Framework for Android. MinMinGuard can completely remove both the ads inside apps and the empty space caused by those ads. Conventional ads removing apps are only able to block the ad content, but the space taken by the ad will still remain unused (black). MinMinGuard successfully removes that black space, which extends the app window and makes your user-experience better!

No Safe Volume Warning

Many Android phones have a popup that nags you whenever you turn your volume up to a certain level. If you’re rooted and have Xposed installed, you can disable this with a simple tweak. It can be annoying. So with this module you can disable that warning.

Obb on SD

Module Obb on SD attempts to make it seamless – just enable module, reboot and move obb’s to SD card (to same folder: Android/obb) – that’s that. No need to enter any path or whitelist/blacklist any app. Do you want to only move Obb from Grand Theft Auto? Then only move that obb. Obb on SD will detect “obb on SD” and enable hooks only for this single game.

Physical Button Music Control PBMC

PBMC is an Xposed Module that can be installed on rooted Android phones with the Xposed framework pre-installed. Use hardware keys to change your music experience, play songs, change to next or previous songs etc. If you are a music lover this is must for you.

Roam Notify No More

Each time when my phone switches to roaming, the data connection is disable automatically. However, a notification message is displayed saying the data connection is lost. This modules does the does what it says by the name.

Thats all for now.

What Module do you use? Let me kNow. Thanks.

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