How To See Who Has Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

Facebook is a social media that connects people worldwide. But sometimes it also disconnects you from a specific person. Simply called unfriend. Facebook has many options but you can not find the way to see who has unfriend you. I think facebook dont want to hurt you, But believe me Facebook is just a virtual arena. Dont get upset if you see a person that you like has deleted you from his friend list. So think twice before proceed, do you really want to see Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

Most well known browsers are compatible for this script.
– Firefox
– Chrome
– Safari
– Opera
– Internet Explorer

See Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

This is a simple process, just follow the procedure below.

For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Install Greasemonkey. A user script manager for Firefox. Go to Menu>Add ons> search Greasemonkey> Install and Restart Firefox.
How To See Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook
2. Download and Install Unfriend Finder. (Not available now) When Greasemonkey is properly installed, this window will appear :

How To Find Out Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

3. Install it. You are done !

For Google Chrome:

Google chrome supports userscripts, that means you dont have to install Greasemonkey. Just download and install the user scripts. Click on install if a warning shows up. Unfriend Finder is only collects data about your friend list on only. If you can install the script is successfully, you will see a contextual dialog saying:
” Unfriend Finder is now installed. ”

For Opera Browser:

Step 1: At first just download the user script to your computer. Create a new folder, rename it, Take the downloaded java script to that folder.
Step 2: Now at your opera browser go to Tools> Preferences> Advanced> Content> Java Script Options.
Step 3: Browse to the folder where you kept the folder containing userscripts. Click to OK. Once validated, Refresh the Facebook.

How To Find Out Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook
How To Find Out Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

Using User JavaScripts on secure pages (HTTPS)
For protection of your security, User JavaScript is disabled by default on pages accessed using the HTTPS: protocol.
If you want to run User JavaScripts on HTTPS pages, you need to Enable the User Javascript on HTTPS setting in opera:config.


When someone unfriends you, a small number will appear next to the Unfriend menu. You will also get a notification.

How To See Who Has Recently Unfriended You On Facebook
How To See Who Has Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

You can also get your pending friend requests. You will find a list of all the people you’ve sent friend requests to, but they never replied. You will also be able to find out if someone ignored your friend request.

How to See Easily Without Scripts:

1) Just Go To

2) Signup using your Facebook account.

3) From now on, when you use this application this will tell you the name of the Facebook friends who had deleted you on Facebook.

As the Facebook has changed a lot of things The Unfriend Finder is not working now !

From the Homepage:

Unfriend Finder is no longer available

The social network asked the removal of the extension because it violates its terms.
Specifically, Unfriend Finder injects unauthorized code into the social networks’s source code in order to alter the way that the webpages are rendered in users browsers
It adds unauthorized links to users’ bookmark sections;
And posts unauthorized notifications regarding which users have “unfriended” the user or “ignored” his or her friend requests.

I cannot enforce this and will cease the developement of this Extension.
Unfriend Finder has been around for 3 years, and many of you enjoyed this, but it cannot go further.

Thank you for your support.

So whats Now? Check it below:

Social Fixer (Better Facebook)

Social Fixer for Facebook (formerly known as Better Facebook), is an all-around Facebook fixer add-on, which does much more than notify you of unfriends. The add-on is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, and is also available as a Greasemonkey script.

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