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Copromly is a new content sharing website. You promote your post in Copromly. Share it in Facebook, twitter etc. with others fellow bloggers post. And your post will be shared by other bloggers. That’s why the slogan is “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”. Its an easy website to share and promote your post. There are many other website like Copromly. Among them Stumble upon is popular and quite old too. BizSugar and Scoopit is also great tool. There are many ways to promote your blog post after you publish it. Copromly is the new addition to that list.

How to Promote a Blog Post

A Tic for a Toe

Help other bloggers promote their posts and in return they will help you promote your post through their social networks. Fairness guaranteed.

You may asking yourself, what is their benefit? Well, They will make their own money via advertising on their website.

How to Use Copromly to Increase Traffic?

Step 1: First you will need to register on Copromly. Fill out the name, email and Password.

Register on Copromly – A New Way To Increase Traffic To Your Blog
Register on Copromly

Step 2: Select a post to submit on Copromly. Enter the Title maximum 42 characters, Short description within 200 characters. Write down the link url of the featured image and the URL of your post. Now click on “Promote Post”. You will see the preview, if you have typed the correct information.

Promote your post in Copromly
Promote your post in Copromly

SEO Tips: The title and description should be more “humanly”. Like you are writing for another fellow bloggers, not for Search engine. The image should be attractive. That will catch the attention of reader among others post.

Step 3: Copromly will give you a “Magazine” with your post and other related posts. You will need to share this in Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Copromly – A New Way To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Now you are promoting other fellow bloggers post. And they will do the same. It’s a fair business.

You can even embed the magazine in your website with an iframe. The more your magazine get visited, your post will be share and promoted more. Ultimately you will get more visitor.

Why you should Register Now?

Its free for now as the Copromly is now in Beta mode. But I am not sure if it will be Free forever. But if you register now you won’t need to pay anything. I think its best to try once.


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