Send Free SMS From Computer To Any Number Worldwide

Sending free sms from Internet has been much popular. There are a lot of websites that say they will let you send Free sms to any number and any country in the World. But mostly they are fake & does not work after some day. It has also many limitations. They send their name in the sms and the receiver get that name as sender. So you have to write inside the sms that you send it, otherwise he or she will not understand who send this. There are also websites that offers bulk sms. It has also many features. But you have to buy it. Today i am showing you how to Send One Free SMS From Computer To Any Number in the World. will give you that opportunity. I am using it for more than 2 years. I wrote about this in my another Blogspot blog, now wanted to share with the valuable reader of this website.

free sms to worldwide from pc to mobile

Why Use Talksms To Send Free SMS:

The Best advantage is that Your own number will appear on the delivered sms. If your number is saved on the receiver mobile he/she will see that name. there is no way that receiver will understand that this sms has sent from internet. Only will appear after your number. But you can Hack this ! You will have 160 characters for sms. To remove the Use all 160 character. The matter is that if you use all 160 character there will be no place for keeping
You can also see the sms delivered or not from SMS log option.
You may ask what is their facility ! Ok, You can buy bulk sms. If you satisfied ! ! !  :mrgreen:
If you have earned more free sms you can send free group messaging.

Can You Earn More Than 1 Free SMS:

It vary upon countries. You can use promotional code to earn upto 21 sms in 7 day for most of the country. But For Bangladesh 1 sms for 7 days. So if you registered through my promotional code i will get 1 sms extra, thats not a big deal. So please Keep the promotional code. Or use it KS95W.
Keep the Promo code to get 1 free sms. 

How To Send 1 SMS Free Daily by Talksms

Send Free SMS by Talksms:

Follow these simple steps to get your 1 free sms.

Step 1: Go to Give your Mobile number (change the country code)

Step 2: In the next page fill up the form. Alias is your name. Click on the Register.

Send Free SMS From Computer To Any Number

Step 3: You will instantly get a activation code in your mobile, put it in the box. Then Click on Activate.

Step 4: After activation you will be driven to a new page. Edit your picture, Edit your profile or connect with Facebook. this is important.

free sms send to mobile from internet
Now you can send 1 sms per day. Enjoy Free SMS.

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