Sexting Common Among College Students [Infographics]

I assume that everyone here know what is sexting. OK, if you are not aware of this word i am going to tell you. It means sending message to someone with either sexually explicit text, a sexually explicit picture, or both. to know more about sexting see here on Wikipedia.

According to research from the University of Rhode Island, it is a common matter in American cllege students. Actually the research showed that more than half of all college students have received a sexually suggestive image via text, and that nearly 80 percent of college students have received a sexually suggestive text message. In a previous post i showed you how the tech gadgets absorbs campus bandwidth. OK, Do you think this bandwidth is mainly used on this purpose !

Sexting and the College Student

Assistant professors Sue K. Adams and Tiffani S. Kisler led a team on two ongoing studies, plus one previous study. They are examining the impact of technology use on physical and mental health, as well as interpersonal relationships in college students.
204 college students conducted last spring, they found that 56 percent of the students had received sexually suggestive images, and 78 percent had received sexually suggestive messages. Two-thirds of the group had sent sexually suggestive messages. While most of the messages (73 percent) were sent to a relationship partner, 10 percent were sent without consent of the person who originally sent the message. Get the full news here.

“The important point that needs to be stressed is setting boundaries around technology, both in terms of what we share and how often we are sharing it,” Kisler said. “There is value in the technology, but we need to make smart choices in how we use it.”

This Infographic shows Students sexting statistics. In how many ways sexting usually happens and how to respond them. Actually sexting is not illegal, but child pornography laws can apply if the receiver or sender is below 18 years old. They usually uses chat acronyms. See here 100 Most Commonly Used Chat Acronyms and Abbreviations.

95% college students bring their phone in Class. 91% use their phone to send text message during the class. The most furious news is that 93% students texts while Driving  ! ! !

Explore the Infographic Sexting and the College Student

Sexting and the College Student

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