Short Specifications and Pictures About Leaked Google Motorola X Fon Ghost

There was some rumor about the Motorola X Fon. It was not confirmed until now. The most recent leaks by Tinhte and @Evleaks has made it clear. But the final announcements must come through Google. These leaked has already let us know the properties. It is the legitimate Motorola X prototypes. It is now the talk of tech world. a Vietnamese blog published a series of images of an unspecified Motorola device Back in March. This device is nicely curved looks like somehow HTC one. The bottom bezel is remarkably small in this phone. Its code name is Ghost. PhoneArena reports that these pictures are infact legit. Google bought the Motorola company for $12.4 billion dollars and it is the latest product.

Specifications of Motorola X Phone Ghost

  1. 32GB storage
  2. 2GB of RAM
  3. No SD Card.
  4. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, or maybe Android 4.3 if we’re lucky enough by Redmond Pie.
  5. Display was estimated to be 4.7 inches but may be 4.3 !
  6. Volume and power buttons are on the right side.
  7. Headphones jack is on top center.
  8. Charging port is on bottom center.
  9. Very slim bezel on the bottom
  10. 1080p display along with Sapphire Glass

According to

Motorola is going to offer protective plates/skins in 25 colors from the point of ordering. 80-90% of people buy protection for the phones so perhaps Motorola is owning this aspect of the device from the order and can provide almost an almost indestructible, perhaps water-resistant customization.

Its still unclear that when this device will hit the market. We are eagerly waiting for it. The final announcements by Google may come within this month. It would be surprising if Google decided to announce it at this year’s I/O keynote, set to take place later this month according to Redmond Pie. It is highly anticipated Motorola X Phone is expected to be made available as quickly as July 2013.

Many are jumping in and saying that these must be pictures of the X Phone, of which they could be. But the device resembles an unnamed Motorola device that we have seen before, which received a teardown and had specs that were far below what the rumored X Phone are expected to have By

Screen shots of Motorola X Phone Ghost:

Google X Phone Leaked In Detailed Set Of Images

Google X Phone BAck

Motorola X Fon Pictures

Motorola X Fon Pictures

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