Smart Phone Memory Card Buying Tips and Guide

Smart Phone memory card are crucial factor for your android mobile. Memory card stores the songs, photos, videos, large game data file etc. Some mobile had bigger internal storage. So they might want to avoid using the extra storage facility. Memory card can be used in Digital camera, mobile phone, tablet, note book etc. Today I will show you 15 things that you must know about smart phone memory card. Actually all are the same memory card. But you smart phone needs some extra tuning. This post will help you to buy the exact memory card for your smart phone. Memory cards are based on flash technology. The smart phone uses the MicroSD card. A perfectly compatible memory card can increase the phone’s efficiency and productivity.

1. First thing you will need to see that, if your mobile phone is compatible to memory card. If your mobile supports 32 GB external storage, you should use the half, that means 16 GB memory card.

2. An SD card is a Digital media card, and they make them up to 2GB in size. An SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) is the same thing, but it has High Capacity, and and you can get them from 4GB to 32GB in file size. So its actually MicroSDHC.

3. You should ask yourself, what purpose you’re going to use it? If you are music lover, want to watch HD Videos songs or capture photos frequently you will need a larger memory card.

4. SD cards are generally described by their Speed Class, ranging from Class 2 (slowest) to Class 10 (fastest). There’s also a separate, even faster category called UHS Class 1 (for Ultra High Speed), but most current devices can’t use them.

5. Class 2 is suitable for standard-definition video recording, while Class 4 and Class 6 can record high-definition video. Class 10 is the card for HD video and “HD still consecutive recording,” which, like the classes’ speeds, is ill-defined.

6. The various card classes seem to have different speed ranges according to different memory manufacturers. SanDisk, Transcend etc brand memory card shows higher efficacy.

7. Class ratings means the minimum sustained speed required for recording an even rate of video onto the card. Class 2 cards are designed for a minimum sustained transfer rate of 2 megabytes per second (MB/s), while Class 10 cards are designed for a minimum sustained transfer rate of 10MB/s. So a better smart phone will require a better class memory card. Note that speed also depends on the device using it. Just because the card is a class 10 doesnt mean that a device can take advantage of the speed.

8. A card that’s faster generally uses more power.

9. What does the Speed means? Speed: Maximum “burst” write speed. This measures the maximum performance of the card under short – bursts of data, such as when a camera is shooting RAW files. The faster the card, the faster it can accept the next photo.

10. On the other hand, Class is the minimum sustained write speed, and is important for streaming data such as Video. The Speed is the maximum short-duration burst write speed, that is typically required by still cameras. So, Class = video performance, Rated Speed = photo performance.

11. If you need to format memory card, do it in your mobile. An incorrectly formatting may be harmful for your memory card. If you do format the cards in your computer, whether it be a Windows, Mac, or Lunix operating system, the formatting must consist of:

File System: FAT32 for SD and SDHC; exFAT for SDXC cards (while Fat16 can be used for SD, use Fat32).
Allocation Init Size: 32Kb.

Formatting in NTFS, HFS, EXT3, or any file system that might be the default for your computer’s operating system will cause the card to be unreadable by the camera.

12. If you take huge amounts of pictures with your phone, a Class 4 Micro SD card is enough. It won’t exactly be a life-altering experience, but it could speed things up if your phone’s camera takes pictures at something higher than 5 Megapixels. Most Android phones don’t do that.

13. If you plan to use the USB Storage facility with your computer, a higher class memory card would be great.

14. You can test the memory card writing and reading speed. Download SD Tools from Google Play.

Smart Phone Memory Card Buying Tips
My Transcend 16 GB Class 4 Memory card Speed tests results.

With SD Tools you can check your microSD card information (Name, Date, MID, OEMID,…). You can check if your card is fake. (Check serial number and MID and OEMID). You can also benchmark sd card writing and reading speeds.

Install SD Tools. By default it will show the internal storage. You can perform the speed test of your device.

To get the speed test of memory card, select “Custom Path” from the top right corner of the screen. Then select Storage > sdcard1. (SD card 0 is the internal memory).

Now touch on “select”. Its beside the parent button.

Now click on “start speed tests”. Its Done.

Share your Memory card speed result here. Thanks

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