Top 10 Popular URL Shorteners Best For SEO

URL shorteners are used to make short link of a site. URL Shorteners provides a short nice looking( ! ) link. You can share them everywhere. Twitter will give you 140 words to share something, if your link eats much word, there will not be enough place to share your thoughts. On the other hand URL shorteners are helpful because they can save a link to a specific web page even if the URL to that page changes in the future. Some URL shorteners like as will give you the chance to track the number of clicks your shortened link. So that you can measure your Clicks. It has also a impact on your SEO of the website. See here in Wikipedia to know more about URL shortening.

Top 10 Popular URL Shorteners Best For SEO

So Lets go, Here is my favorite URL Shorteners:

1. : It is direct from Google, So i like it most. It’s short URLs are  301 (permanent) redirect. Which perfect for SEO. It provides a great range of stats about the click on links. Google removes spam links from its database. It also very popular, fast ans secure. I use this.

2. : It is also a popular url shortener service that is good to build traffic. It has many features including customization, share, traffic etc. You customize the shortened link to anything. It allows  you to customize your URL e.g change. I am using a Firefox  Add-ons to short my link without going to their site.

3. TinyURL : It is one of the most popular URL shorteners available in the internet. It also allows you to change the link name to your topics name. For example i make a short link of the topics related to Blogspot tips, so i can change the link name to It is highly user friendly and useful for SEO. It is also available in

There are literally hundreds of them, so i am just giving you the list. You can choose whatever you want.








Earn Money By URL Shorten:

By you can earn money. Short the link, the visitor have to wait to see the link. Meanwhile they will be shown a add, thats why i dont like it. The average rate of Adfly pay is $4.00 per thousand clicks. See here the rates. It uses Paypal or Alertpay to withdraw money.

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