Top 10 Basic On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization is the most important factor if you want to gain organic visitor and want to see your website in the first page of search result. It is an ongoing process. It usually takes a lot of time to gain the trust of search engine. SEOrules are constantly changing. So you need to adapt yourself with this ongoing process. You need to research a lot for a better SEO. SEO is a slow process. You can not done it overnight. It can take weeks or months to get results. There are many SEO firm and consultants, companies are available. They will do the work for you. You can hire them for better SEO. But you should have these basic knowledge about SEO. Previously i have written Blog Design For Best SEO Techniques. Find there the best SEO optimized design for your website.

What is On Page SEO:

According to “it could mean keyword research, writing good Title tags, internal linking and crawl architecture, or even content creation. For the purposes of this post, on-page is anything you directly control in the code or content of your site. Below the basic On Page SEO tips are given. Every new webmaster should follow these tips before publishing website.”

Basic On Page SEO Tips

01. Title Tag:

Title tag is the most important things in case of a website or page. You should have separate title tag for every page. Make sure your main keywords are in the title. make your title tag H1 format. it should be less than eight words or 70 characters ideally 65 characters. It gives a clear idea about the topic and increase the click through rate. Never use more than one H1 tag in page, but you can use as many other tag you want. See here How To Optimize Blog Post Title For Better SEO In Blogspot.

02. Meta description:

Use relative and keyword focused meta description for every page and post. Keep it in mind that what word is popular among visitor to search content. Use less than 160 characters for meta description. For WordPress there are many free plugins like as All in one SEO, Yoast SEO etc. Use one of them. If you are using thesis like as mine, you will get the options to add meta tag, title tag, meta keywords. You dont need to add another plugin. Recently the blogger has implemented search description as meta description. Though meta keywords are not counted by Google, its wise to use some meta keywords. Try to put at least 3 words from title to meta description.

03. Search Engine Friendly URL

Search Engine Friendly URL means that is easy to read. Just look into the address bar of this page, what have you seen? A url that describes the content of the page. If have a string of characters and numbers in your URL, it confuses your visitors and offers absolutely no SEO advantage. It need to be corrected from the beginning of site making.

04. Speed Up Your Website

If your site loads quickly the visitor will get happy as they dont have to wait. it decreases the bounce rateand bounce rate is a important factor for SEO. If you have not yet measured the page speed of your site here is 5 Tools To Check Website Page Load Time And Improve Page Speed.

05. Internal Linking

Internal Linking means when you write a post make some links directed towards the other content on your website that is helpful. I assume that you have seen Wikipedia, its an great example of internal linking. But be careful, do not make a mess. Only do it where necessary. It can reduce Bounce rate and improve user satisfaction.

06. Link to Sites with High Page Rank

Link to high page rank site whenever possible. It is counted for page rank and will help you to raise you own page rank. Do not redirect to a Non trusted possible malware inflicted site, Google takes it seriously.  See here how to Scan Website For Malware, Blacklisting Status etc By Sucuri SiteCheck

07. Google Authorship Markup

Authorship Markup is a great way to attract your visitor to click on your site in search result page. You may have seen a profile image showing up alongside the page listing. So make sure you implement an authorship markup on your site. Your Google plus profile picture is the Authorship image. Use it precisely and more Professional looking image is helpful to gain the trust of visitor. See here how to implement Author information in search results.

08. Keyword Density

Many webmaster use higher keyword density but this is a Black Hat SEO and Google will penalizes those site. So keep your keyword density below 5%. Use keyword that is related to your topics, dont use it haphazardly.

09. Site Map

Site map is another important things that you must have. I use Google XML sitemap plugin, its best for WordPress. This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. With such a sitemap, it’s much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently. For Blogger website it is more easy. See here How To Submit Verify And Add Google XML Sitemap To Blogspot Blog.

10. Image Alt Tags And Anchor Text

Another important factor for better SEO is image alt tags. Many webmaster dont use alt tags. But it is totally wrong.  Your images should be described via ALT Tags with the keywords you are optimizing for the post. Anchor text is the link name. Use your precise keyword in the link.

OK, 🙂  that’s 10 tips only But there are many.

If you know anything missing here let me know in the comment.

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