Use Emoticon Bar In Facebook Chat Without Code

Facebook is the most popular social media site. Facebook users can chat with their online friend in their default chat section. But can not use predefined emoticons. To use emoticons they have to remember the code which is quite impossible. I use Trillian to chat with my online friends, But many of my friends use the traditional Facebook chat section. For them this tips will help some bit. This user scripts will give you 27 emoticons to use, see it in the image. Now you can use Emoticon Bar In Facebook Chat Without Code. See below how to do that.

Emoticon Bar In Facebook Chat

Use Facebook chat emoticons without any code

For Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: To use user scripts you have to install Greasemonkey. To install it click on the link or go to Add ons> search Greasemonkey> Install and Restart Firefox.

Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar

Step 2: Now you have to install the user script. Go to Click on the “Install” button on the Right upper corner of the page. A window will appear like below. Install this user script.

Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar

Almost done. Open your Facebook and Log in to see the change in the chat section.

For Google Chrome

Google chrome does not require any script mangers like as Greasemonkey in Facebook. That means you don’t have to install Greasemonkey. So just install the User scripts. A warning may show up , just click on continue. That’s all.

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