Watch FTA channels by Motorizing Your Satellite Dish

People often wonder when they should incur the additional cost of installing a satellite dish or just stick with their cable operator.

However, there are various designs and sizes of the satellite dish, depending upon its usage. They are mostly used for broadcasting radio or TV signals or even for phones and Internets. Satellite dishes are in fact high-gained or parabolic antennas, that are specially designed to receive and transmit the electromagnetic waves of short wavelengths. There was a time when the broadcast signal for any TV antenna was received through satellite dishes to simply a few distributors, and the signal was relayed into homes through cables. However the arrival of compact satellite dishes changed everything and consumers have a direct broadband satellite signal within their homes which gives impeccable clarity of picture. You could use a compass to find due south, after which move the dish back 28.2 degrees towards East.

Raven 70cm multifocus dish:

However, using these websites you can choose your location and the satellite you want to point at also it gives you all the figures you have to align your dish correctly. It will likewise draw a map of the location and draw a line along where you should be pointing. This could give you a surprisingly good help guide to line up against especially if you compare to any landmarks or road intersections. motorised satellite dish! Actually when you get the installations done by service persons they usually do the dish antenna aiming and signal tuning themselves included in the installation procedure. However, if you’ve done the installation yourself, it makes little sense to hold back a couple of days before a service person shows up at the doorstep. Using a compass to point the dish correctly. A compass like this makes pointing the dish much simpler. People who live in apartment buildings often encounter problems when they try to install a satellite dish. Screw the f-connector up tight, then wrap the self amalgam tape tightly round the cable and f-connector to seal it from water. (Self amalgam tape is really a rubbery tape which welds to itself when stretched and wound tightly round a cable join).

How you can Set Up Motorized Satellite Dish


For the way far you are away from the equator. We recommend 39?h or 100cm dishes. This is the biggest dish size, which may be driven by a standard sized rotor. For northern or southern territory, you might need even bigger dish. The basics of satellite orbital positions follow as, all satellite positions are taken from South. Set up your receiver and fasten to your TV, then enter YOUR Longitude and Latitude in to the motorised USALS (Universal Satellites Automatic Location System) menu. Turn to the dish to the direction as instructed on dish satellite installation manual and check your meter until it show you have locate a satellite signal or by looking at your neighbors dish. If you have found the signal now bolt the dish. You can adjust it horizontally as well as vertically. Now just have the dish reflector to rotate freely.

Consult your satellite company for information in regards to the position the satellite must face to get the signal.

Some 45% to 60% of Iranians watch satellite TV, according to estimates from the state media company as well as an Iranian research center exceeding the number believed to use the Internet. When this has been done, your dish is prepared and your TV viewing is going to reach ‘new heights’.

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