What To Do When You Drop Your Phone In Toilet Infographic

It is not very uncommon that you suddenly drop your mobile phone in Toilet. Its quite usual. But these days mobile are actually an useful and also handful. A lot of data and personal things are stored there. Moreover if it is a Smart phone, then the cost also high. So you cant just ignore the possibility of dropping your phone to Toilet. This infographic could be extremely helpful to you if you are going to drop your phone into the Toilet., But who knows ! When it’s going to happen. So you better see this Infographics and get yourself familiar about What to do when you drop your phone in toilet. The Original title of the Infographic was How to Fix a Phone Dropped in the Toilet – Cool Infographic. Betterbathrooms gives a detailed plan of action about what you can do to minimize damage to your phone if you drop it in the toilet.

What To Do When You Drop Your Phone In Toilet

According to Betterbathrooms “As a nation of multi-taskers we use any moment that our hands are free to send a cheeky text or check the latest facebook updates, so we weren’t surprised when a recent polled revealed that 75% of people admitted to toilet tweeting, emailing and even making a cheeky call whilst sat on the loo. (Tweeting we get, but calling someone?!)

Horror stories of dropping your phone down the loo are increasingly common, with a slip of the hand being all it takes to see your shiny smart phone lying in the deep dark abyss of the toilet bowl. As inevitable is this is, we decided to delve deeper into how exactly your phone can survive this gloomy fate, with a handy info graphic revealing all the steps needed to recover a loo ridden device.”

So lets see this beautiful Infographic.


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