Windows 8 Default Wallpaper Leaked Download Now

Microsoft corporation is going to announcing the Windows 8 RTM; its already in hands on some reviewers and someone has leaked the default wallpaper upcoming operating system.

This new wallpaper is quite different from what is in Windows 7 where main focus of the wallpaper was Windows logo but in this wallpaper its just daisy flowers and clear infinite sky; Windows logo has been ditched altogether. But it looks good, isn’t it?

Microsoft is going to stamp the final version of the Windows operating system 8 which will be released to developers and partners of Microsoft in the first week of August.

Download and See the Default Wallpaper of Windows 8 RTM

High resolution 1920*1200
File Size: 64kb

Windows 8 default wallpaper

To download the High Resolution Wallpaper Click below

Download Windows 8 Default Wallpaper

Source: TechIt

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